LAMROD Supreme Pro
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LAMROD Supreme Pro GPS Tracker with remote engine cut option

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Miniature in design but the giant in Functions.As the Name Suggests it gives Extra Functionality of complete engine shutdown remotely with one click.
  • Real time Google Map tracking
  • Engine/Fuel Cut Off
  • Compact durable design
  • Compatible with Car,Bike and any other vehicle
  • In-built GPS, GPRS and Accelerometer
  • Over speed alarm
  • History Tracking of 3 Months
  • One Year App Subscription Included
  • One Year Warranty.
/- 5399/-
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LAMROD Supreme PRO GPS Trackers for Car/Bike/Truck
Lamrod GPS is a trusted and well-known brand across India. Our products help you to locate Car/Bike/humans accurately from your mobile app. Stay connected and take care of your loved ones with a highly accurate real-time GPS tracking system. We have more than 5,00,000+ active devices across 5 countries.
    Unique Selling Point (USP) of Lamrod Supreme PRO:
  • Fuel waste Manager: Provides information about how much fuel you are wasting by keeping your vehicle idle. This data will help you to save a lot of fuel.
  • Google Map: We are using the Original Google map in our application.
  • Powerful Servers: Our application is powered by world Class AWS Servers which ensure instant delivery of anti-theft alerts.
  • Key Benefits:
  • Renewal: You need to pay ₹ 618/- Yearly (Exclusive GST) from Next year for mobile application subscription.
  • Engine Lock:Lock the engine with mobile application in one click.
  • Real-time Location: Real-time location and address and Speed update available in different types of the map view.
  • Anti-theft Alarm: Instant notification on your mobile app if someone tries to steal your vehicle or try to temper with GPS Tracker.
  • Driving History & Behaviour: You can see which routes the vehicle has taken in full-day along with the stoppages taken. You can select any date. See the address and time of existence of the vehicle at every place it visited.
  • Share Location: Share vehicle live location link with any of your contact for a preset duration Daily Stats: Our amazing dashboard will give you all the daily stats like night driving, daily km count, fleet workload, total run time, idle time, etc details so that you see them on daily basis.
  • Sim Data: The product will come with included sim card and the customer needs to recharge it with a valid data pack. Sim no. will be provided so that you can recharge it easily. (No ID Proof required for sim activation)
  • Installation: Connect its (+) & (-) wire to the battery terminal and it is ready to track your vehicle. Technical Installation support over call will be provided.
  • Hidden Installation: Very small hardware of only 26g weight can be installed at a hidden location in any vehicle.
Key Features:
Real-time Tracking
  • Display Real-time location on google map.
  • Display whether the vehicle is running or static.
  • Real-time Speed of vehicle with direction towards vehicle is moving.
  • Set fence and notification when the Vehicle gets out of the selected path.
  • Get real-time location of Vehicle even after stolen.
  • Get Notified When Someone tries to steal the vehicle.
All Vehicle
  • Set fence and notification when the Vehicle gets out of the selected path.
  • Get real-time location of Vehicle even after stolen.
  • Get Notified When Someone tries to steal the vehicle.
Over-speed Alert
  • Set the Custom Speed limit in the APP.
  • Get Notification when the vehicle is over-speeding.
  • Get Speed-graph reporting in excel format.
Electric Geo Fence
  • Set an electric fence around your home, office or any route.
  • Get notified when the vehicle goes in or out in the fence.
  • Get alert when vehicle goes out of a particular route.
Ignition Alerts
  • Get notified when Engine is ON or OFF.
Suitable for all kinds of vehicle
Recent reviews
June 12, 2020
I am using the services of lamrod for my business and its working very smoothly. I must say lamrod is doing very good terms of service and their products are world-class.
Uttam Biswas
June 15, 2020
I am using this for my personal car and I am not worried about the security of the car because this GPS is fully protecting my car and i get realtime notifications about my car status.
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